Our Mission

About The Founder

Peggy Sims 
Founder & Executive Director
Our founder has been a long time activist within the community and a voice for poor, displaced and oppressed families. In November of 2009, Peggy founded Sisters Returning Home, a mentoring program focused on strengthening the social and mental health of women transitioning from prison to home.

Sisters Returning Home is a nonprofit organization in the Northwest area Philadelphia. We strive to assist women who are returning citizens from prison to the community by successfully re-establishing their connection to their families and community. We work to develop self-sufficiency, self-esteem and self-respect through comprehensive program services.

Sisters Returning Home has operated non-residential reentry program for the state since 2013, delivering reentry mentor services and supportive programming for individuals released to the community. Sisters Returning Home offers a comprehensive program designed to fully transition previously incarcerated women back into society. The main objective is to increase self-sufficiency and promote positive changes in behavior through delivering evidence-based practices proven to reduce recidivism. By reducing recidivism, we are able to reunite families back together and restore broken damaged relationships.

Programming focuses on developing confidence and responsible habits. Participants receive intensive treatment focused on changing criminal thinking and behavior. At the same time, they are connected with community resources enabling them to be contributing members of the local community. We continuously mentor the ladies who transition through our program. By establishing trusting, committed relationships we are able to maximize success and ensure our ladies successfully return home.

We provide intensive case management, weekly check-ins and training that is based on assessed risk and needs. We provide opportunities for exposure to pro social activities and training in the field of hospitality which leads to national certification. SRH works to cultivate responsible citizens who have accepted past decisions and willing to work hard to launch into a new way of thinking and living. SRH helps individuals to develop structure stability and a changed way of thinking and behaving. We work to instill new life skills.

Sisters Returning Home recruits qualified staff and provides extensive training and mentoring programs to cultivate program leaders. Our staff members are immersed in evidence-based practices, and work closely together to share these practices. The SRH team continues to learn and implement the newest practices in risk needs treatment to support the needs of our customer. All staff attend training to continue their education in the best practices in reentry services.

SRH program works to reduce recidivism and improve public safety outcomes. We partner with community agencies to support the needs of the re-entrant at low to no cost through the transitional process. Our partners support each reentrant with a personal care package which is inclusive of the necessary toiletries women uses on the daily basis. In addition, partner agencies provide clothing, food, assistance with identification and supply a variety resources that aid reentrants in living a healthy balanced humane life. Our community partners offer services that are align with the philosophies and objectives of our office. Our partner agencies, provide resources that enhances community safety, lowers costs and gets results.



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