PA Law Conference in Harrisburg  9/29 - 9/30 2016

Executive director Peggy Sims attended the PA State Law Conference in Harrisburg on September 29-30, 2016. As a representative of the organization, she spoke to bring awareness of the needs of the female prison population and those who are returning home to Pennsylvania communities.

The Commonwealth's Office of Elections and Administration (OEA) is working collaboratively with the Department of Corrections to enable citizens being released from state correctional facilities to vote. We share OEA's view that citizens who register to vote and vote after being released experience a greater connection to there community.Individuals who will be released prior to the election and who meet the voter eligibility requirements may be participants and share in the privilege to vote for the individual who best represents their own ideals and beliefs .Inmates who were registered to vote prior to their incarceration will only need to re-register. Inmates who are first-time voters must complete and submit the voters registration as well as a photocopy of their prison ID. Facilities will make arrangements to assist the first-time voter registrant who may be indigent or unable to make a copy of his/her photo ID i.e., Restricted Housing Unit (RHU) inmates.

For more information on your rights as a voter, please see the links below:

November 8th
7 A.M ---> 8 P.M

 Community Hearing for House Bill #2135 9/15/2016

​​Voters Registration and Re-Entry

​     Don't Forget to Vote ! ! 


On September 15th, State representatives and neighborhood citizens alike discussed change and a need for reform, not only in terms of better policies regarding sentencing, but for the system as a whole. Peggy Sims,
 Director, Christel Simmons, Retention Case Manager and intern, Joey Burnosky, from Chestnut Hill College attended a policy hearing for House Bill # 2135.This Bill provides an expansion of eligibility for parole in regards to those serving life sentences behind bars. 
Click here to learn more about House Bill #2135.