Sisters Returning Home offers a comprehensive program designed to fully transition previously incarcerated women back into society. This process begins by identifying the needs and goals of each woman. Programming focuses on developing confidence and responsible habits in addition to computer literacy training and employer expectations. We continuously mentor the ladies who transition through our program. By establishing trusting, committed relationships we are able to maximize success and ensure our ladies successfully return home.

​​Here is what our program participants and alumni have to say about Sisters Returning Home

"I like the fact that these three amazing women take all the time out of their lives to help other women get back on their feet. They go out of their way completely, to accommodate for us. They spend their own money to make us happy when we have little food parties and activities. They always put our needs and concerns first. We are given life support and suggestions to help change our lives. We are given the opportunity to find housing, income, and developing the knowledge to balance our finances. Without this program, even though I possess a job, I am grateful to have chosen to come anyway because I have a better understanding what love really means and what giving to other people can really mean to them." -AD

"What I like about Sisters Returning Home is that I get to work on the computers and complete applications online. The women here really care about you and try to help. They have help me in trying to improve my life and keep a rewarding feeling within me." -CM

"Sisters returning home have helped me a great deal with putting in application for Jobs. The women that run this program are wonderful ladies. They fight for there women because they believe in us women here at sisters returning home." -NH

"What I like about sisters returning home is that they help to encourage us to get on track and find a job. They are also a positive influence in our lives and push us towards the right direction. They are very supportive and understanding women. They know what we've been through and where we'd like to go in life. Sisters returning home is a very supportive, positive, and helping program. I am very grateful for what the women at sisters returning home have done for me." -SC

"It is an awesome program. As an alum, I have recruited people for this program; It helps you get your life on track and prepares you for society. It opens up doors to possibilities for jobs and a future. Through this program I have become a role model for others." -C

 "For me, it gave me a sense of identity and of belonging. It gave me back my dignity, my spirituality, and hope. Sisters Returning Home lets me know that no matter what my set backs were, that I can overcome them and that I’m worthy. I’d say that in all areas of my life it has helped me one way or another." -C

"Sisters Returning Home is helping me when nobody else would. I love coming here because it is like a family. I have also learn a lot. I learned how to get on a computer. I’ve never been on a computer in my whole life. Now I can type, use email and write resumes. I’ve got it all now and I know how to do it." -M


After employment is attained, Sisters Returning Home offers career counseling and further training in social, behavioral and communication skills support. We continue mentor services to develop thinking skills, decision making and stress management.

We believe in offering targeted incentives to encourage our ladies to achieve set goals. Goals are set during the first 12 hours of services and an Individual Action Plan is developed to track and monitor progress and provide incentive rewards.

From intake, through and after program completion, we offer support services, including  referrals to support agencies such as CCIS, Housing, DPW, Drug & Alcohol counseling, clothing and food resources.

  • Thinking Through Change
  • Microsoft Office
  • Resume writing
  • Job search strategies
  • Financial Literacy
  • Soft Skills Development:Communication, Conflict Resolution and Professional Norms


Mentoring After Employment

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